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AutoHoods is now the manufacturing division of the Car Hood Warehouse, the nations number one hood replacement company.

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Price (£) Retail Supply Only (Excl. Vat & Delivery)
Product Name
Mohair Headliner
1983-91 Ford Escort Full Cable Set        
1983-91 Ford Escort Side Cables        
1983-91 Ford Escort Hood        
1983-91 Ford Escort Headliner        
1992-On Ford Escort Side Cables        
1992-On Ford Escort Hood        
1992-On Ford Escort Headliner        
2000-On Ford Street KA        

Please read this excerpt from our FAQ Page

I have a Ford Escort convertible how can I tell if it's a Mark 3, 4 or 5. That's easy just look inside the vehicle if the interior light is between the sun visors at the front of the car it's a Mark 3 or 4 but if the interior light is set into the roll bar above the drivers head then it's a Mark 5.


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